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I think a good way to start my blogging career is to quote a legendary person who, through dedication and perseverance, overcame illness, trauma, pain . He ended up participating in 50 Ironman races on 50 consecutive days in all 50 states, trying to raise awareness for his pet project, childhood obesity. As quoted in Men’s Fitness magazine:

Pain tip #1.

“When the pain becomes intolerable, I get through the moment by surviving to the next second. Once I do that, I try to survive another 60 seconds—I call these power minutes. The great thing about pain is that with pain comes struggle, and with struggle comes learning, and from learning comes growth.”

Pain tip #2.

“In my experience, most people quit when their bodies begin telling them to. But once we reach that built-in stopping point, we have at least 60% more to give. That’s why you learn the art of managing the pain and taking comfort in knowing that this is a new pain I have today—the pain I had yesterday is gone.”

Pain tip #3.

“Having one ‘why’ isn’t good enough. You need to have a whole bagful of whys. Whys keep you going and give you a reason to take the next step. For me, reconnecting with my family was enough, but if you’re going for 50 days and your first why isn’t big enough, you’ll stop.”

A lot of wisdom here. Sleep on it. Good night,

C. Savu, MD

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    Traci Sanders

    Hi my name Traci, I was diagnosed with RSDS/CRPS 1. I have been through everything at least three times. I’m getting worse and can barely walk. I’m looking for a Dr that is willing to work with me. And not give up on me like every other Dr I have seen. I don’t know how much more I can take.

    • Dr. Calin Savu
      Dr. Calin Savu

      Hi Traci, I am very sorry to hear about your troubles. I agree, it is a difficult condition, where good things come in small packages, but nevertheless, they do. Give us a call or have your primary care provider refer you to our clinic. We’ll do our best to help. And don’t give up. We’ll work together.

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