Our expertise comes from years of training in Internal Medicine, Anesthesia and Pain Management. Our experience originates in the interaction with thousands of patients who not only were our pupils, but frequently our teachers. And our understanding of the human pain experience comes from personal suffering, occasional despair and finally, redemption.  We hope you will allow us to work closely with you, your family, your referring physician and therapists to determine the roots of your pain and develop a comprehensive therapeutic plan that will give you back hope, stamina, quality of life. And of course, ease your pain and suffering.

Meet Our Providers

Meet Our Wonderful Staff

  • Monica Formon
    Monica Formon Administrator
  • Jordan Bricker, RN
    Jordan Bricker, RN Registered Nurse
  • Tanika Ford, RN
    Tanika Ford, RN Registered Nurse
  • Beth Formon, RN
    Beth Formon, RN Registered Nurse
  • Jessica Nutt, RN
    Jessica Nutt, RN Registered Nurse
  • Nancy Privett, RN
    Nancy Privett, RN Registered Nurse
  • Nichol Brooks, LPN
    Nichol Brooks, LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Teresa Keller, LPN
    Teresa Keller, LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Autum Breckenridge
    Autum Breckenridge Billing Office
  • Bethany Hill
    Bethany Hill Front Office
  • Brandy Hinton
    Brandy Hinton Billing Office
  • Morgan Lawhon
    Morgan Lawhon Front Office
  • Maria Oprea
    Maria Oprea Front Office