The Pain Center of Jonesboro is a world-class facility. It subscribes to the highest standards of care set forth by the most respected leadership organizations in the field of Interventional and Holistic Pain Medicine. The Pain Center staff is superbly trained in the field of Pain Medicine, with a depth of knowledge and experience unmatched by any other facility in this field. We utilize the most advanced and precise diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to determine the cause of pain and then choose the appropriate plan to treat it. Our interventions include: nerve blocks, joint, tendon and ligament injections, epidural blocks, , radio-frequency ablations, spinal cord stimulation and intra-thecal pump placement. All procedures are performed under real-time Ultrasound or X-ray (fluoroscopic) guidance to ensure comfort, safety and accuracy. We devise and monitor medical management plans (pain medications).

In our extensive experience, a combination of interventions and medications provide the best and safest method for long-term pain management and offer the best  opportunities to engage in physical, emotional and social-professional rehabilitation. As goals are gradually achieved, exposure to opioid medications is gradually decreased as tolerated.  Then you, on your own terms, maybe with a little bit of nudging from us, can decide to walk away from them.