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First Step: complete the Patient Intake Form

Welcome to Northeast Arkansas Pain Medicine Clinic and The Pain Center of Jonesboro, LLC. You have come to a place where someone understands what life is like for those who suffer from acute and chronic pain. We will listen to you. We think it is important to treat you as a whole person. We’d like to understand your problems, your frustration, and your limitations.

We also need to understand your goals, whether returning to full duties and activities, playing sports or simply being able to take care of yourself.

We will devise a diagnostic plan and a treatment strategy specific to you. Our goal is to return you to a normal level of activity by reducing or eliminating your pain and having you enjoy life again.

For you to reach maximum benefit from this program, you need to become an active participant in all aspects of your care. We regard our relationship as a partnership united by the common goal of improving your situation. Our most successful patients are very involved in their own care and those taking responsibility for their fair share of work. We will be there for you, with advice, direction, and encouragement.

We cannot manage all your medical problems. After we help you with the pain, we will refer you back to your primary care physician. You must have a primary care physician.


Drivers Licenses or Photo ID

Medical Insurance Card

Prescription Drug Card

Please note: If you do not have a Drivers Licenses or Photo ID, we will not be able to see you and your appointment will be rescheduled until you are able to provide a valid ID.


We are located on the first floor of
505 East Matthews, Jonesboro, AR 72401.

We require patients to be established with a primary care provider. You must be referred from your primary care provider or other physician that is treating your pain.