Dr. Savu's: The 5 Why's


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The 5 whys

The founder of Toyota Industries developed a method of analysis that goes to the root of any problems: ask “Why?” 5 times.

For example, I am seeing my medical provider for my annual check-up. I discover I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Usually, due to time and insurance constraints, the visit will end with me walking out with a prescription for a bunch of pills and an appointment for a return visit in 2-3 months, but not with a lot of actionable information.

But wouldn’t it be better to start my conversation with my doctor by asking the first why:

Why do I have high blood pressure and cholesterol? Maybe because my vessels have hardened, and I have gained so much weight.

Why are my vessels hardened? Maybe because of ongoing stress I can’t seem to control.

Why did I gain so much weight? Maybe because my nutrition includes a lot of bad stuff.

Why am I eating a lot of bad stuff? Maybe because it tastes good and it comforts me many times when I am under stress, although I know this may not be good for me.

Why don’t I think about making better choices? And that’s where the real conversation starts.

Today we will start a weekly column with a specific education goal: to make you a knowledgeable owner of the most wonderful masterpiece that ever existed, the perfect result of creation and millions of years of evolution: your body.

We will also include commentaries on the state of the American Healthcare system, and the effects that its different structures, policies and arrangements have on your wellbeing (hint- they are huge!).

Hopefully, we will be able to help you navigate the complex maze of decisions that will affect your life and well-being, as well as that of your dear ones.