Dr. Savu's: What is Pain Management? Part 1


Pain center 33

Chronic pain conditions can be divided into 2 groups: those that are the result of problems that can be addressed and improved in dramatic ways and those for which a reasonable degree of relief is possible. There are really no conditions that cannot be improved upon.

Most of the time, we easily recover from injury. We are equipped with exquisite machinery that heals and repairs us on the go. But sometimes, when a condition has not resolved itself within a reasonable time (roughly 3-6 months), then we need to proceed with a different approach.

We use different methods to alleviate pain: one is the use of pain medications, and the other is a variety of nerve blocks.

Pain medications affect your body’s (effectively your brain) ability to experience pain by creating a chemical fog that blunts the reception of pain signals to the brain centers of pain reception and processing.

The nerve blocks temporarily interrupt the pathways pain uses to access those reception/processing centers.

None of those methods fixes the problem, the primary source of pain. 

“Fogging” the brain obviously does nothing to repair a displaced disk, an arthritic joint, an inflamed tendon, or a pinched nerve. It buys you a few hours of oblivion, and then you’re back to square one. Only a little bit older, and stiffer, and weaker. Because pain pills decrease your responsiveness and attention, they may make you less likely to engage in the efforts that would allow your body to repair itself.

Nerve blocks offer longer-term relief, without the drawback of slowing your strength and stamina. But they don’t make you better either. 

Both are only helpful in combination with training and rehabilitation specific for each chronic condition causing relentless pain.

Your body is an amazing masterpiece perfected by super-intelligent design and millions of years of evolution, which subconsciously (and frequently consciously) knows its problems, as well as its solutions. It only requires a free will to nudge it in the direction of repair, rebuilding, and improvement. Nobody is born an accomplished artist or athlete. It takes work and resilience but make no mistake: it always works. 

Athletes and artists get rewarded with riches and fame. Your prize is much bigger: you get your unique and wonderful life back.

Take good, loving care of yourself.