Good morning,
For better or worse, it appears marijuana is here to stay.
By now everybody is aware of this powerful current streaming through our nation. Marijuana is pushing hard to sit at the table of legitimate pain relief modalities.

Our clinic is responding. We weren’t on board with it simply because the evidence supporting it was, in general, scant and of dubious quality. As its use has increased exponentially, the number of case studies is expected to grow and, hopefully, provide us with better data.

During the next few months, we will undertake the project of becoming educated on the subject. After assessing the benefits and risks of treatment, we will draw conclusions. And we will make a decision about possibly offering it for patients whose type of pain and situation suits this type of treatment.

We promise to be diligent, careful and open with the process and its conclusions. But we try to find the best options available, including those with a shadier past!

Stay tuned…

Calin Savu, MD