MB 200 is supposedly one of the training routines used by the North Carolina Tar Heels. Hey, they’re champions, so I presume they know a thing or two about training that works!

Our routine includes 10 exercises, each with 20 repetitions (reps, in short), therefore the name (10×20).

It should be done in the following manner:

A full set of 200, allowing a brief pause between each of the 10 exercises; if a true beginner, take time to catch your breath. But you should perceive each exercise as hard enough to push you a bit; if there is one exercise you can not do for 20 reps, remember that number and try to beat it each time you train again.
At its completion, rest, walk around, shake arms and legs for a couple of minutes.
Repeat the full set of 200.
Hit the shower.
Repeat every other day; you have to give your body time to recover and repair. We grow stronger through a cycle which goes like this: stress, recover, adapt. Give your body time to recover and you will adapt at a slightly higher level of fitness each time.