At the Pain Center, we are committed to offering our patients relief from their pain through a multidisciplinary approach that includes interventional treatments as well as physical rehabilitative therapy and medication. Additionally, we are constantly researching new and innovative treatment options that might better help our patients. This weekend, Amber Sloan, APRN, will travel to Orlando, FL, to attend the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association 2017 Conference. While there, she will have the opportunity to attend multiple educational presentations and discussion panels and network with experts in the medical marijuana industry. Some of the presentation topics include:

Cannabinoids and Dependency
Medical Cannabis Dosing and Formulation Strategies
Complications and Adverse Side Effects of Medical Cannabis
Chronic Pain and Medical Cannabis
Autoimmune Diseases and Medical Cannabis

Right now we are just doing our research on medical marijuana: how it can be used, what the laws and prescribing guidelines are for our state, how it will fit into our current treatment regimens. Once we feel we have done our due diligence on the matter, our practice will decide what role medical marijuana will play in our clinic.

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