Disneyworld Days of Our Lives


Disneyworld day

Imagine every day as a day-trip to Disneyworld. You show up at the entrance, and get a painful, stinging

shock when you’re hit with the ticket price. Uncomfortably and reluctantly, you fork up the money. And

then you’re in, and now you are free to have fun and enjoy the rides.

Apply this method every day. You wake up, and you hurt and feel like you don’t want to do anything.

Your price of admission in the fun park of your life is a brief exercise routine that loosens you up, and

strengthens you just a little bit, and improves your balance and stability. And after 10-15 minutes (or

even 5), it feels just a little better. Your blood gets flowing, your muscles, ligaments, and tendons wake

up and you move a bit easier. And in the process, you will get better, and stronger, more flexible, and

perkier. Then, whenever the pain is becoming unbearable again, don’t give in. Add another 5 minutes.

And keep going.

You’ll go to bed in better shape than when you woke up. And every day, your body will thrive, grow

healthier, and become more capable to serve you better. You need to be patient though. It will take a

while. Like anything worth something, you must pay a price. You may get a bit sore, and that’s ok. It is a

sign of our tissues waking up and shaking off our burdens. That is the discomfort described as the sound

of weakness leaving your body. Inside there is a kid covered in old man winter’s weight. You can slowly

dig yourself out. 

Take good care of yourself