Dr Savu's: You Are What You Eat


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We are what we eat. 

An old saying, with very profound wisdom. What we put in our mouth gets transformed in complex ways into small particles that are, in the end, incorporated into our cells, tissues,

organs, and fluids. Would it make sense that different supplies create different products and results? Of

course. Good nutrients lead to good bodies. Bad ones lead to bad, aching, suffering ones.

And I am not only talking about what we put in our mouths. 

What goes into our eyes and ears is also food, for thought but also for bodies. For example, listening to the news about the war in Europe (so

far), the inflation without end in sight, the ruptured state of our society will create a real, measurable

effect in our bodies: similar to food-related toxins, bad news will trigger a stress response, with

adrenaline, cortisol, and other stress-related factors flooding our bodies, and causing a tightening of our

arteries, revving up of our immune cells to make them angry enough to attack our own tissues,

amplifying the production of juices that make us anxious, depressed, and angry.

Now imagine listening to a serene sermon, to your favorite tune, to the bubbly attempts for

conversation of your newborn, to your child or your best friend telling you how their day went and

asking you how you’re doing. Or watching a funny clip, or a travel documentary showing far, mysterious

lands. Your “happy” hormones are going through the roof, a sense of warmth and belonging engulfs

you. Even your joints feel a little better.

Positive information leads to good and healthy bodies. Bad info leads to bad, suffering ones.

And remember neither food companies nor newsgroups exist to protect you. That is not their job.

They want to make money by providing a product that sells well, which is ok.

So, whose responsibility is to make wise choices?