Everybody Hurts


Everybody hurts

Everybody hurts. Not just an REM song (pretty good, actually). For those among us who suffer and have

a hard time doing anything and everything because of your pain, you are not alone. If you have that

particular type of pain, other people have it too. Some suffer more than others, some are more disabled

than others, some lives are affected more than others. In our clinic, we see those who are successful at

handling and managing their pain, and those who are not as fortunate. We apply not only our

knowledge of anatomy, and physiology, but also the lessons that we are taught by our patients. We

listen carefully to your story, and with each patient, we learn what works, what doesn’t, and what

makes the difference between a successful and a failed approach. When we give you advice, we are not

just quoting from textbooks and articles. We share with you the recipes discovered, adopted and proven

effective for other people, some just like you. 

We are working towards creating a space where you can

donate your advice, your wisdom and the fruits of your experience, hoping they will inspire those who

are about to lose their hopes and will to keep looking for solutions. Sometimes, it’s probably best to just

get out of the way and let you talk among yourselves. And we know we’ll listen too, because we’re in

this thing together (we hurt as well). 

Take good care of yourselves.